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Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers has been the largest provider of agricultural real estate since 1998. AgriTeam Makelaars is the partner for buying and selling agricultural real estate. Our real estate agents are here to assist you throughout all the crucial phases of your business operations.

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Aan- en verkoop van agrarisch onroerend goed

Purchase and sale

The purchase or sale of your agricultural real estate is an important and sometimes difficult decision, often with significant consequences for both your business and your family.

Taxaties van agrarische onroerende zaken


The appraisal of agricultural real estate is a specialized field. In addition to knowledge of the property's value, it is also crucial to understand the purpose of the appraisal.


Production rights

Agricultural entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly calculative. This is partly due to various government measures, which are increasingly shaping business operations through regulations and rights.

Fortunately, agricultural entrepreneurship is also our expertise

Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers are the go-to partner for buying and selling agricultural real estate. Our real estate agents are happy to assist you throughout all the critical phases of your business operations.

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  • Purchase and Sale of Agricultural Real Estate

    The purchase or sale of your agricultural real estate is an important and sometimes difficult decision, often with significant consequences for both your business and your family.

    Therefore, it is wise to engage a specialist with extensive experience in guiding the purchase and sale of agricultural real estate.

    Our real estate agents are knowledgeable and work with regional involvement. Thanks to the nationwide network of Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers, we can provide you with optimal guidance in every region. With our nationwide coverage, you only need one party in case of, for example, relocating your business.

    Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers are your trusted partner when it comes to these important decisions and developments.

    We have a network of legal, tax, and business specialists who can provide both you and us with optimal advice and guidance for the purchase or sale of your agricultural real estate.

  • Appraisals of Agricultural Real Estate

    Appraising agricultural real estate is a specialized field. In addition to knowledge of the property's value, it is also crucial to understand the purpose of the appraisal.

    In an agricultural appraisal, the aim is to accurately determine the value of a property at a specific moment and for a specific purpose, taking into account the economic factors of the market and all relevant circumstances and possibilities.

    Examples of reasons for appraisals include:

    • Free sale
    • Financing
    • Revaluation of agricultural land
    • Contribution to a BV (limited liability company)
    • Business takeover
    • Cessation of the business
    • (Partial) transfer to private ownership
    • Inheritance tax

    Expertise in Agricultural Appraisals
    The appraisers at Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers are highly knowledgeable in agricultural appraisals. They are all registered in the register of real estate appraisers NRVT, and some Agriteam appraisers also hold the title of Recognised European Valuer (REV).

    Our regular training, extensive practical experience, and the involvement of specialists make an appraisal by Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers an appraisal with added value.

  • Production Rights and Phosphate Rights

    Agricultural entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming a calculated endeavor. Partly as a result of various government measures, business operations are being increasingly regulated by rules and rights. When you want to expand your business, you quickly encounter limits set by the government.

    Our Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers advocate carefully weighing the consequences of purchasing production rights and phosphate rights. Of course, you can achieve more production, but does that always translate into a better business result? And if you decide to purchase, what is the best business structure from a company perspective?

    Agriteam Real Estate can present all the alternatives for you. We can advise you on the best choice for your business, even for the long term. Regardless of the outcome, you have various options with us.

    Constant Supply of Production Rights and Phosphate Rights

    Our regional real estate agents can advise you on the possibilities, possibly in collaboration with a business development specialist and your accountant. In addition, we have a continuous supply of production rights.

    We mediate in:

    • Payment Entitlements
    • Phosphate Rights
    • LLBs (Rights for Limited Liability Companies)
    • Pig Rights
    • Poultry Rights
    • AVEBE Shares
  • Expropriation

    Space in the Netherlands is limited, and agricultural entrepreneurs are increasingly facing a government that has set its sights on their businesses. Often, these are businesses that have been operated for generations, and the emotional aspects of the matter can run deep. Moreover, complex and difficult choices must be made, choices that have a significant impact on the rest of one's life.

    There is a risk that emotional arguments, no matter how sincere, can take precedence. This is one of the reasons why it is wise to consult an expert from the very beginning. Our real estate agents come from the agricultural world, understand how an entrepreneur facing relocation feels, but also have enough distance and, above all, experience to successfully navigate expropriation and everything associated with it.

    We strive to create all the conditions for a successful future as an entrepreneur. Because in a (voluntary) expropriation case, there must be full compensation, the costs you incur for engaging an expropriation expert are also fully reimbursed. Take advantage of this and call us for a non-binding appointment.

    Various aspects related to this subject:

    • Expropriations
    • Municipal Pre-emption Law
    • Zoning plan procedures
    • Project development
    • Nature development
  • Lease and Ground Lease

    The use of land through a lease agreement has a long tradition. However, the phenomenon of leasing has been subject to change for centuries. This is rooted in the significant changes that agriculture has undergone. Even recently, many things have changed.

    Many businesses rely on income from leasing or ground leasing. The real estate agent affiliated with Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers can advise you on various aspects related to leasing or ground leasing.

    With regard to leasing, you can consider:

    • Purchasing farms under lease
    • Determining the lessee's benefit with the tax authorities
    • Documenting lease agreements
    • Determining lessor's milk quota entitlements
    • Entering into and terminating a lease agreement
    • Managing leased property
    • Arbitration between lessor and lessee

    In addition to leasing, ground leasing is also gaining increasing interest from the agricultural sector. Especially as a form of land financing, it is an interesting alternative to ownership. Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers are familiar with the providers of ground lease agreements and can facilitate both the initiation of an agreement and the interim sale of the ground lease right.

    Since ground lease is a contractual agreement with obligations for a minimum of 26 years (from the date of issuance), it is important to carefully consider your options. Let Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers be your partner in this decision-making process!

  • Change of Function

    Only one-third of the addresses in rural areas are purely engaged in agriculture. Farmers are increasingly starting (side) activities, such as recreation, or want to transform their businesses into care farms or other non-agricultural activities. More and more farmers want to discontinue the agricultural branch of their business.

    Some businesses need expansion, while others are looking to cease operations. Our real estate agents want to assist both those who want to expand and those who want to discontinue. Farmers are increasingly searching for alternative functions for their vacant properties.

    Whether farmers can make use of the change of function scheme largely depends on the type of area in which their business is located. In agricultural development areas, new residential buildings are not desirable, but the diversification of business activities is allowed in this area as long as they are in line with the area's characteristics. In so-called intensification and integration areas, which are located on the outskirts of nature reserves, residential construction is allowed, but there are limits on construction.

    Our real estate agents are eager to guide farmers in investing in existing businesses or other functions.

  • Land Exchange

    As an agricultural entrepreneur, you like to have control. Granted, the government doesn't always make it easy, but there is certainly an area where initiative has a good chance of success and is even rewarded: voluntary land exchange.

    In a land exchange, at least three parties must contribute real estate, and at least two of them must also act as exchangers. Provinces often subsidize (under certain conditions) the notary and cadastral costs. Subsidies can also be claimed for landscaping works.

    In a voluntary land exchange, you don't have to think exclusively about agricultural land. Nature areas, recreational areas, and infrastructure land can also be involved.

    Exemption from Property Transfer Tax:
    There is an extensive exemption from property transfer tax for land exchange. Buildings in rural areas can also qualify, and there is no ten-year limit as with agricultural exemptions.

    Independent Guidance in Land Exchange:
    Because the different parties in such an exchange naturally have their own interests, independent guidance is highly recommended. Guidance that ensures that no party is over or undercompensated. Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers have extensive experience in guiding and successfully completing land exchanges. From bringing together the different parties, negotiating and drafting a draft agreement to the evaluation by the Rural Area Service (DLG); Agriteam Real Estate ensures that the entire procedure runs smoothly.

  • Stewardship

    Ensuring good management is what stewardship is all about. It involves looking toward the future and dedicating oneself as if it were one's own affairs. This is precisely how Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers approach stewardship activities.

    In almost all cases, it involves agricultural real estate, although recreational real estate is also encountered. In consultation with the owner, we create a management agreement that precisely outlines our activities.

    Thanks to our deep involvement in the agricultural world and our extensive experience, we can provide professional stewardship, taking a significant workload off your shoulders.

    Various Stewardship Agreements Possible

    The agreement may include elements such as:

    • Oversight of buildings and land
    • Financial administration
    • Development and monitoring of budgets
    • Drafting and monitoring of lease and rental agreements
    • Creating management plans and proposing business improvements

    It is clear that stewardship is primarily tailored to individual needs.

  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship Abroad

    AgriTeam International is part of the Agriteam formula. With over 25 affiliated independent real estate specialists, AgriTeam is the only nationally operating agricultural real estate agency. The AgriTeam real estate agent works daily to turn their client's goals into reality.

    Agriteam also aims to be the partner for farmers who are spreading their wings abroad. For this purpose, AgriTeam International was established. The advisors at Agriteam International have earned their stripes in agricultural business consulting, accounting, and real estate. They have firsthand experience of what it means to start a business abroad. From selecting and purchasing a location to integrating into the local community and forming a strong team around the entrepreneur, AgriTeam International has the necessary expertise and contacts. The advisors are familiar with the "do's and don'ts" and have an extensive network of professionals needed to smoothly navigate the process. Agriteam International is your partner in agricultural entrepreneurship abroad.

  • Taking Over a Farm

    Being a farmer is a beautiful and challenging profession. In fact, it's a way of life! Taking over a farm is a significant and important step in your life.

    Often, a farm stays within the family and is passed down from parents to children. However, it also happens that a farming business is taken over by an employee. Sometimes, there's a split. In such cases, the agricultural land remains in the farming sector, while the residence or another building is taken over by a private individual.

    Whatever the situation, at Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers, we understand the challenges involved in the process of taking over a dairy farm, arable farming operation, or any other type of farm. We are your partner in the buying and selling of agricultural real estate and would be happy to tell you more.

    What's Involved in Taking Over a Farm?

    First and foremost, you should think about your entrepreneurial skills. Are you convinced that the farming life suits you and that you are capable of running a business? If so, the next step is to express this.

    An important condition for a successful takeover process is to continually focus on the relationship and communication between parents, children, partners, and other family members. Express expectations to each other and stay in conversation throughout the entire process. The entire takeover process can take anywhere from 5 to 8 years, so our most important tip is: start early!

    Next, develop a step-by-step plan. What do you want to achieve during that 5 to 8-year takeover period? What is required, and who does what? It's important to have a business and future vision and align it with all involved parties.

    Lastly, it's wise to seek the assistance and knowledge of experts in a timely manner. Your Agriteam real estate agent and appraiser have a wide network of specialists such as accountants, feed suppliers, and banks and understand the significant and sometimes difficult decisions that need to be made.

    The Appraisal and Financing

    An important part of any business takeover is financing. Our appraisers are experts in agricultural appraisal. This appraisal forms the basis for financing your business takeover. We work closely with accountants and banks and know what it takes to prepare an appraisal report that will be accepted by the bank or lender.

    Agriteam real estate agents and appraisers is a nationally operating collaboration of independent regional real estate agents. We are your partner in the buying and selling of agricultural real estate, and our real estate agents will guide you through all the important phases of your business operations.

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